Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Cnn Center

The Cnn Center
The Cnn Center is fun matter how old you are, Tourist get a chance to be a reporter and go behind the scenes of a news cast studio. Tour time are from 9-5 . The tickets are $13 and 11.75 for seniors. The tour takes you all threw the studio , everything you have ever wanted to know about T.V you will learn on the tour.
Getting there is easy ,Conveniently located in downtown Atlanta at One CNN Center, Atlanta, GA 30303, the CNN Center can be easily accessed by I-85, I-75 and GA-400. Taking MARTA? Exit at W-1, the CNN Center Station.
After the tour there is plenty to eat, the food court is one of the biggest in Atlanta with over 30 restaurants to choose from it is easy to get something you will like.

Over All it is something everyone should do. To often do we walk around without knowing how things really work. It is a great learning process that helps you to understand the behind the scenes of T.V. .

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