Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park
Stone mountain Park is perfect for all the adventure junkies in your family. Here is the short list of things to do.
The laser Show- Stone Mountain has one of the greatest laser shows I have ever seen. The laser show has been seen by more then 20 million people . The lights fly over your head giving you a feeling of being in a Sci-Fi movie. To enter the laser show you only need you parking ticket which is ten dollars. So it is cost effective and fun for all.
Sky Hike – You will take a hike to the top of stone Mountain. At the top you will feel like Tom cruise in mission impossible. You will get such a rush for climbing the mountain , that you will want to do it over and over again. It is one of the united states biggest family course , that give s the family adventure and excitement. If you like Indiana Jones then this is the course for you , wooden bridges floating in the air . Don’t worry it is all safe , just remember to wear the safety gear that they have at the park. The best part of this adventure is the a trail that is 40 ft in the air.
Pedal boating- If you have ever watch a movie about southern living then you have always seen scenes with boat pedaling. It is a relaxing experiences to push yourself through the water and enjoy the sun on your back.
Train rides- There are several trains around the park that allow you to tour around the park. The views for the trains are incredible . I know it was fun being on a train that didn’t have a rushed atmosphere .

Check out this video to see a short video of the Park.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Varsity

The Varsity is Famous in Atlanta for having the best chilly dogs ever. It is a great hotspot year round. During football season and basketball season it is over ran by Georgia Tech fans . Everyone to the varsity with a great attitude of where going to enjoy ourselves and eat a good meal. The Varsity is perfect for big groups or to feel like your part of a big group. It also allows you to enjoy and inexpensive meal and get a great few of Atlanta at the same time.

The history
The original Varsity was opened in 1928 on a 70' X 120' lot with a white picket fence by a man named Frank Gordy; a man with a $2000 nest egg and "million dollar taste buds." Through his dedication to freshness, superior quality, advanced technology and serving the best food fast, he gained a reputation that is known worldwide. The Varsity has hosted well known people from the entertainment industry, the sports industry, the Governor's mansion, the White House, as well as visitors from all over the globe. Through Frank Gordy's determination, the original Varsity has grown into a two-story "Lunching Pad" and there are now 5 sister locations. The Varsity has become an Atlanta institution known and loved by all.

How to get there
You can take Marta to North Avenue Train Station , It is one block away and a station rep will gladly point you in the right direction.

Coming off the expressway take 75north get off 249D make a left.

The Cnn Center

The Cnn Center
The Cnn Center is fun matter how old you are, Tourist get a chance to be a reporter and go behind the scenes of a news cast studio. Tour time are from 9-5 . The tickets are $13 and 11.75 for seniors. The tour takes you all threw the studio , everything you have ever wanted to know about T.V you will learn on the tour.
Getting there is easy ,Conveniently located in downtown Atlanta at One CNN Center, Atlanta, GA 30303, the CNN Center can be easily accessed by I-85, I-75 and GA-400. Taking MARTA? Exit at W-1, the CNN Center Station.
After the tour there is plenty to eat, the food court is one of the biggest in Atlanta with over 30 restaurants to choose from it is easy to get something you will like.

Over All it is something everyone should do. To often do we walk around without knowing how things really work. It is a great learning process that helps you to understand the behind the scenes of T.V. .

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Centennial Olympic Park

Centennial Olympic Park
Centennial Park is one of Atlanta’s pride and joy. This park is where they held the 1996 Olympic Games so the park has a lot to do once your there. The ground has all the athletes names that where in the games as well the country the came from. Approximately 800,000 bricks were used in the construction of the 21-acre Park. Laid end-to-end, lengthwise, the bricks would stretch from New York City to Philadelphia, approximately 100 miles. Laid sideways, the bricks would stretch for 50 miles. You could find yourself walking through the park for hours just admiring the beauty of the park. The park is full of waterfalls that go thur the park. There is benches next to the waterfalls that allow you to throw coins in for good luck. The kids have a blast since it has Atlanta’s biggest fountain . The springs are always packed during the spring and the summer. There are several families there on any given day. The picnic area is huge , they also have barbecue pit areas to grill . Perfect for year round football and soccer games. The fountains are said to be the biggest with the Olympic rings formation . The Fountain’s 251 computer-controlled water jets (125 stream and 126 aeration), 410 fog jets, 1004 lights bulbs and miles of underground water pipes make the Fountain of Rings one of the most sophisticated fountains in the world. It is a must see site since you only live once , but you can visit Atlanta year round. From April through October the park has Music at noon. It is a quick get away for natives as well. You come down to the park and listen to live jazz and r&b. Every fourth Saturday is family fun day . The park has volunteers that come out and set up booths that allow the kids to do arts and crafts and play free games.

Little Five Points

Little Five Points
Little Five Points is a district of Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 2 miles east of downtown. It was established in the early 1900s as the commercial district for the adjacent Inman Park and Candler Park neighborhoods to the west and east. It is home to many of the city’s older retail stores, restaurants, bars, theater companies, and music venues.
Well Site Seeing
little Five Points in Atlanta is a densely packed smorgasbord of pop culture. Dabble in henna tattoos, enter a giant skull through its mouth at The Vortex to sample one of the best burgers Atlanta has to offer, or just sashay down the sidewalk, stopping to stare into the windows at trendy clothes and blown glass baubles. The "City in the Forest" has a city of its own here, proudly boasting expensive shops, handmade silver jewelry, and consignment store clothing. Walk under a UFO into Junkman’s Daughter or follow the scent of incense into Crystal Blue. Buy your best girl a handmade silver trinket or a hand-carved wooden set of hair sticks in one of the more exotic stores. Ladies, you can tempt yourselves to purchase Seven Jeans for a fraction of a new pair’s cost and try on go-go boots covered in fur. When you’re exhausted from shopping, select one of fifty types of beer to cool off at the Brewhouse, and enjoy it with some fish and chips, or camp out at a table under the stars at Savage Pizza for an everything-on-it pie. El Mir offers a massive burrito or its famous pepper-lover’s nachos, or you could try Zesto’s for a cheeseburger and an ice cream cone — the ultimate summertime meal. After that, slip into Starbucks and order a latte to sip while you discuss anything from Isaac Asimov to a local magazine’s new articles with your friends or a stranger. People are always willing to talk — it’s the South. A very fun place to be with friends or family during the summer there are endless activities to do when the sun is out or if it’s raining hit a theater and watch a play .

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Underground Atlanta

Underground Atlanta lies in the middle of the city and is a great tourist attraction . There are dozens of shops that tie to Atlanta rich history. In between march and august Underground Atlanta is a hot spot due to all the free shows. The native love this location as well due to the fact that there is so much to due any given day. The Underground Mall is underground making it unique . You can see the rail lines power supply as you look up to the roof. One of the only mall i know where you can get your fortune told and hear and jazz band at the same time. There is also one of Atlanta's greatest attractions next door. The World of Coca cola where you can try all the different coke flavors from around the world great for the family as well as a couple. The World Of Coca cola has a great tour the offers a walk Thur the history of coke and the role it has played in U.S history. When it is time to eat , you can go to the food court and eat anything from Greek to down south barbecue . If you prefer to sit down and eat you can take the elevator to the second level and eat at one of the many restaurants in the area. After a good southern meal you can head back to the mall to get a key chain with you and the family on it .

The history of Underground Atlanta

1866-1920: Atlanta Rises From The Ashes
In 1866, Atlantans sifted through the ashes of wartime destruction, once again building their city around the Zero Milepost. In the five years between 1866 and 1871, the city's population doubled to 22,000. In 1869, the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot was built with an impressive three-story head house. The remaining single story structure, which still stands next to Underground Atlanta, is Central Atlanta's oldest building. In the 1870's, the district included the train station, banks, hotels, saloons, grain wholesalers, law offices, a whiskey distillery and Packinghouse Row, on the northern side of Alabama Street between Pryor Street and Central Avenue. In 1887, Coca-Cola was served at Jacob's Pharmacy soda fountain on Peachtree Street a half block from Union Station. In 1889, Atlanta introduced the electric streetcar to the South. By 1900, Union Station Depot served 100 trains a day with direct rail service from New York, Cincinnati, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Macon, Augusta and Columbus. By 1910, several iron bridges had been constructed to cross the rail tracks at Union Street. Local architect Haralson Bleckley proposed that new concrete bridges be built to replace the iron bridges. A linear mall at bridge level would connect the concrete viaducts and create a series of public plazas.

A great place to start exploring Atlanta is Underground Atlanta.