Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park
Stone mountain Park is perfect for all the adventure junkies in your family. Here is the short list of things to do.
The laser Show- Stone Mountain has one of the greatest laser shows I have ever seen. The laser show has been seen by more then 20 million people . The lights fly over your head giving you a feeling of being in a Sci-Fi movie. To enter the laser show you only need you parking ticket which is ten dollars. So it is cost effective and fun for all.
Sky Hike – You will take a hike to the top of stone Mountain. At the top you will feel like Tom cruise in mission impossible. You will get such a rush for climbing the mountain , that you will want to do it over and over again. It is one of the united states biggest family course , that give s the family adventure and excitement. If you like Indiana Jones then this is the course for you , wooden bridges floating in the air . Don’t worry it is all safe , just remember to wear the safety gear that they have at the park. The best part of this adventure is the a trail that is 40 ft in the air.
Pedal boating- If you have ever watch a movie about southern living then you have always seen scenes with boat pedaling. It is a relaxing experiences to push yourself through the water and enjoy the sun on your back.
Train rides- There are several trains around the park that allow you to tour around the park. The views for the trains are incredible . I know it was fun being on a train that didn’t have a rushed atmosphere .

Check out this video to see a short video of the Park.

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